ARTEKS : Jurnal Teknik Arsitektur | June 2019 ~ December 2019

Advisor Editor: Assoc. Prof. Johannes Widodo, Ph.D

Writing is an indispensable part of research culture, and publication is one way to disseminate ideas and to push forward the scientific discourse in the pursuit of new knowledge, from theoretical- to praxis- levels. Especially for young scholars, writing and publishing in academic journals shall become a natural habit, not just for chasing credit points or impact factors, but for strengthening the true desire in finding new knowledge, ethically and scientifically. There are four different categories of articles in this issue. First category is on the correlation between ecological-environmental aspects and tourism in rural-traditional contexts, where the writers have shown their critical position towards cultural & natural conservation. Second category is on architectural styles and typology which are more descriptive. Third category is related to the climatic comfort and simulation. And the fourth category is on human activities in urban space.



Published: 2019-12-16