Dialogue Between Practitioners of Catholicism and Biboki Traditional Religion (Atoni Pah Meto) Society Through Acculturation

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David Amfotis


This research addresses the unique quality of Christ’s presence among the Biboki people of West Timor. In this society, the traditional house (rumah adat) is the center of local groups’ religious celebrations. By analyzing the traditional house, we can find symbols that are valuable in the indigenous religious ceremonies, which can ultimately be related to the placement of the cross of Christ and the statue of the Virgin Mary. This helps the Bibokinese recognize Christ as “the way, the truth and the life”. I use four approaches to this research, namely: 1) dialogue and interviews with some Biboki’s customary figures: 2) direct observation of religious practices that occur in the traditional house, as well as daily life practices in Biboki societies, 3) interviews with the local community, and 4) promoting the possibility of the presence of Christ in the traditional house, transforming and purifying local offerings.


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