Masa Depan Kita Ada di Laut

(Studi Literatur Tentang Kebijakan Pembangunan Sektor Perikanan di NTT)

  • Elkana Goro Leba Magister Manajemen dan Kebijakan Publik - Fisipol UGM - Yogyakarta
Keywords: development, marine sector, gross regional domestic products, fishery products, fisherman


This research did a study on the potentials of the marine-and-fishery-based development in the NTT province. Marinebaseddevelopmentis a developmentthat uses the advantagesof marine resourcesfor the enhancement of people’sprosperitywithoutneglecting the marine ecologypreservation.The main assumption of this researchis that the NTTProvincehas agreatpotential of marine resourcesbut they havenot been used with utmost effortfor development.The objectiveof this studyisto explorethe marine potentials of NTTwaters for developmentand to what extent the provincialgovernmenthas made itspolicyto developmarine sector,what has been carried out, what arethe results,and what arethe obstacles in the development56JAP UNWIRA, Vol. 1, No. 1, Januari - Juni 2020of marine and fishery sector in NTT. Methods used are qualitative and the data collection is done through field observationand literature study. The results show that the marine potentials have not been utilized at the maximum level for the economicdevelopment. This can be detected from the low production of fish, unused infrastructure, no fisherman-oriented development,inefficient distribution and marketing of fish. This government-based natural resources management is not accompanied bysufficient technological know-how. Therefore it is recommended to establish a simpler organization with more functions. Theskill and the holistic knowledge of the personnel should be upgraded through education. We also need to enhance inter-sectoralcooperation, both between government organizations and with private enterprises within the province or between the provincesin a sustainable way. The personnel competence needs to be enhanced in the management and allocation of limited resources, sothat policy implementer can identify and make the priority of prime needs for human development.Key words.


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