Lectio: Journal of Language and Language Teaching is a Journal published by English Education Study Program of Widya Mandira Catholic University.  It becomes a medium of scientific sharing among scholars who are interested in the field of Linguistics and English (and other) Language Teaching. We aim to provide a forum for educators, researchers, teacher educators, classroom teachers who are keen on issues that affect classroom teaching. This journal accepts scholarly articles from various fields related to language and language teaching, including: developing students’ English skills, English as foreign language, curriculum development, language testing and assessment, materials and course design, learning preferences/ styles, classroom management, content-based instruction, technology-enhanced instruction, second language acquisition, pragmatics, English for specific or academic purposes, sociolinguistics, language policy, world Englishes, identity (learner or teacher), reflective teaching practice, professional development, English language teaching, cross-cultural and intercultural communication issues, and Language Documentation and Description. The research base could be either a primary research, or a secondary research.

Journal template can be dowloaded through this link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tW3ou4zeVTg51IpBUxZX9Jnt8aJh2nCO