TRUST FACTOR: Indonesia’s Foreign Policy In Enhancing Indonesia-Australia Cooperation Under President Joko Widodo’s Leadership

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Hullatul Masruroh Kholiq


     Foreign policy is an important instrument in its relation to realizing national interests. Indonesian-Australian diplomatic relations that have existed since Indonesia's independencehave experienced rice and fall dynamics. President Joko Widodo through Indonesia's foreignpolicy towards Australia wants to rebuild harmonious relations between the two countries to enhance cooperation between the two countries. The method used in this analysis is a qualitative method using case studies. In answering the objectives of thisanalysis the writer used the concepts of foreign policy and cooperation. The writer’s findings related to the analysis of Indonesia's foreign policy towards Australia in enhancing cooperation between the two countries is through the role of trust that will be built between Indonesian and Australian leaders and people. This needs to be done because so far the relationship between the two is still very easy to break when facing a conflict or problem.


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